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Title: Hate story 4
Year: 2018
Size:400 MB
Quality: 480p
Language: Hindi
Country: India
All Genres: ‧ Drama/Crime film
IMDb: 3.4/10

Plot Outline:

The film begins with Tasha (Urvashi Rautela) facing Aryan (Vivan Bhatena) about their personal photograph, which had been sent to her telephone namelessly. Aryan's better half Rishma (Ihana Dhillon) shows up with a weapon to execute him. In a tussle, Rishma is shot and bites the dust.

The story moves back, presenting Aryan and Rajveer (Karan Wahi), children of affluent representative and government official Vikram Khurana (Gulshan Grover). Searching for a new face to speak to their organization, Rajveer goes to a bar, where he is stricken by Tasha. He charms Tasha by promising her to make her a star and recruits her for their organization. While trying to bait her into bed, he pays a few goons to assault her so he can plunge in as the saint. As he is paying the goons, somebody snaps a photo of the exchange. Aryan also is enamored by Tasha's magnificence and can get her alcoholic at a gathering. That night, he lays down with her, and she awakens lamenting the occasion. This is the point at which their photograph is sent to her telephone.

In the present, Aryan persuades Tasha to unobtrusively discard Rishma's body. They dump the body in a stream. Tasha then uncovers to the crowd that she herself is the individual behind the entirety of this - the driving force behind all the occasions up to this point. She had realized that Rajveer had employed goons and had paid off them too; she likewise spiked Aryan's beverage at the gathering, and after he dropped, took photographs with him in trading off situations to make it appear as though they dozed together. She at that point sent the photographs to Rishma.

Tasha keeps on maintaining a strategic distance from Rajveer, making him edgy for her. Playing the siblings against one another, she freely dismisses Rajveer's proposition, disclosing to him that Aryan informed her concerning how Rajveer draws young ladies into bed, at that point leaves them. She additionally uncovers that she and Aryan are included. Aryan gets a video clasp of him dumping Rishma's body.

Vikram is perplexed by Rajveer's conduct when he gets the trading off image of Aryan and Tasha and the video of Aryan dumping a dead body. He gets an undermining bring in which the blackmailer (Tasha) requests that his children admit to the wrongdoing they submitted two years back in India. It is uncovered that two years back, Rajveer attempted to constrain a young lady Bhavna (Tia Bajpai) into his vehicle. At the point when a bystanders Ashwin (Shaad Randhawa) came to support her, Aryan shot him. Defeat by rage, Rajveer shot him over and over, murdering him. In the emergency clinic, Ashwin is announced dead as his sister Natasha (Tasha) and his mom show up. Bhavna's family is compromised by Vikram to keep quiet. Natasha pledges to retaliate for her sibling's homicide.

By and by, Rajveer, crushed, can't defeat the agony when he is educated that Aryan is the person who grabbed his affection. He goes up against Aryan and takes steps to uncover that Aryan slaughtered Rishma. In the battle to stop him, Aryan winds up slaughtering Rajveer. He dumps him in a grave as recommended by Tasha. Rajveer's ex Monica finds reality with regards to Tasha and tells Aryan. Aryan attempts to slaughter Tasha however she effectively takes him out and harms herself, acting honest before the police, who at that point capture Aryan.

In the closure credits, Tasha faults Vikram for being an awful dad. At Natasha's home, Rishma, uncovered to be alive, remains before Ashwin's image: she had been his life partner when he was alive.

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