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Movie -:Newton 2017 Hindi BluRay 480p X264 AAC 5.1 350MB
Genre -: Comedy | Drama
Language -: Hindi 
Quality -: Blu-Ray
Movie Plot-
Nutan (Newton) Kumar (Rajkummar Rao), a new kid on the block government agent on hold is sent on political decision obligation to a Naxal-controlled town in the revolt ridden wildernesses of Chhattisgarh, India, when one of the fundamental obligation officials there is seen as confronting heart issues. Confronted with the lack of care of the war-fatigued Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) security powers, drove by Assistant Commandant Aatma Singh (Pankaj Tripathi), and the approaching trepidation of guerrilla assaults by socialist agitators, he attempts his best to direct free and reasonable democratic regardless of the chances stacked against him. He is frustrated when the voters don't turn up for the political decision. Later when a remote correspondent turns up at the surveying station the CRPF power the townspeople from the supporters to go up to cast their votes. At the point when one of them enters the surveying corner, he gets dazed with the democratic machine and its activity.

Subsequent to conversing with the part, soon Newton understands that they have no clue about what the political decision is about. Some idea they would gain cash from this, while others approached miserably about getting paid adequately for their work. He frantically attempts to instruct them yet without much of any result. Starting to lead the pack, a baffled Aatma Singh pushes Newton aside and disgraces the locals by disclosing to them that these officials have taken a chance with their lives for their vote, and they ought not dismiss them. He reveals to them that the democratic machine is a toy; there are images of elephants, cycles, and so on and they could press any image they like (leaving them uneducated about the way that those images speak to particular ideological groups). So while they vote in favor of their preferred image, rather than government officials they have never found out about, the outside journalist gets an uplifting news report about India's majority rules system.

Newton needs to sit at the surveying stall for the specified time yet is compelled to escape because of a Naxal trap which he understands later was arranged by the CRPF. On increasing such information, he attempts to surpass his escort group back to the surveying stall, however gets captured on the two sides, and is compellingly reclaimed to security. In transit back Newton chooses to gather the votes of four townspeople who out of nowhere divert up from somewhere inside the woods. Aatma Singh is hesitant to allow them to do as such. It is here where the film gives the watcher the problem of the circumstance in war torn zones, through two men with no contention, twisted on their obligation, yet an unmistakable distinction, uncovering the problem of truth. Paying attention to his obligation very, Newton takes Aatma Singh's rifle and holds the official at gunpoint till the locals cast their votes. Singh remarks out of dissatisfaction that he didn't need surveying to be directed in a territory that was just made sure about by government powers a half year prior, referencing that there are still more landmines than men. He discloses to Newton that he wouldn't like to lose further soldiers, particularly when the administration can't gracefully them with night vision goggles that they have been mentioning for a long time. Newton keeps him at gunpoint considerably after the deciding in favor of the staying two minutes of his official obligation (till 3pm). The CRPF troops at that point beat him up out of dissatisfaction.

The film closes with a fix of the territory a half year later, indicating mining action going on. Aatma Singh is indicated shopping in non military personnel dress with his better half and little girl during occasions, recommending he is sympathetic and conditions in Naxal-plagued territories made him an impartial and critical individual. Newton is appeared in his office wearing a neck support for his physical issue from the beating yet in any case upbeat, and keeping with his old ways. He is visited by the nearby political race official Malko (Anjali Patil) who asks him what occurred after she left as she is ignorant of the occasions and Newton requests that her tell everything over tea, however simply following five minutes, when Newton's booked mid-day break starts.

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